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Linda is an experienced humanistic psychotherapist whose emphasis on counseling embraces the mind, body, and spiritual connection, a blending of the conventional and alternative. She works collaboratively with her clients using empathy, honesty, and acceptance to create a safe place for exploring: old wounds, trauma, relationship difficulties, abusive and/or addictive behaviors, misunderstandings and emotional pain.
Helping families resolve conflict, blend, accept one another, and function more effectively.

Helping individuals, find strength, hope, and higher levels of satisfaction with their lives

Helping couples, to stop hurting one another and reclaim lost love

Helping adolescences rewrite a happy, healthy, successful dialog or narrative for their life

Once a journey for self-understanding has begun, inevitably there will be roadblocks or challenges that may require outside help. People come to therapy for a variety of reasons and every person's story is unique. Once an individual can acknowledge that they are suffering, healing can begin.

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